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Transit Effect of VENUS in Gemini

Vijay Kumar Harsh 14th May 2018


Transit Effect of VENUS  in Gemini

(Shukra Graha Mithun Rashi mai as on 14 May 2018 to 8 June 2018)

In General effect of VENUS as under:-

1.       Gemini Lord Mercury is friend of Venus so its transit movement is good place but subject to according to house position respective rashi’s. Its effect will be good or bad.

2.       Good effects are – expenditure in Gold, Diamond, Jewelry  items, New Car, Scooter, AC, Fridge, washing machine , LED TV, perfumes, etc

3.       Chances of Engagement, new born baby or pregnancy. New friendship/affairs.

4.       Travel to nice places, invitation or arrange Special Party, Family get together with ice cream & sweet dishes in Hotel.

5.       Bad Effects:- Health problem eye operation, prostate, kidney, gynecological  problem for ladies. Sugar level increases.

6.       Best for Movies & TV artist, Fashion Designers, Model.

7.       Ladies will get more benefits in her job area as well as in house hold importance’s.

8.       Political field Ladies will get new post, new office/furniture’s/Car .

9.       New offers /discount in Mall / tour packages/ Air fare discount etc

10.   Best Transits effect for Taurus(Varsh -2),Libra(Tula -7),Virgo(Kanya -6),Aquarious(Kumbh -11) Rashi’s. For Individual affect of Venus for yours birth chart ask to me through www.Futurestudyonline.com procedure.

By:- Er Harsh Vijay (Astrologer)

Jyotish Visharad,

 Jyotis Marthand (Gold Medalist)