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Gurvinder Singh 13th Nov 2018


Stammering is the main defect in speech which deprives the native of Free Easy Speech. This defect is generated in the brain. This can be cured by an expert. Factors Controlling The Stammering :-

1) Rasi/Sign in the 2nd House
2) Planets in the 2nd House
3) Sign & House occupied by the Lord of the 2nd House
4) Planets aspecting 2nd House and Lord of the 2nd House
5) Position of Sun, Mercury & Saturn
6) Correlation of the 1st, 2nd, & 6th Houses
7) The main controller for it is Saturn, as Saturn creates obstrution. If the debilitated Sarun is associated with the 2nd House and Mercury the possibility in more.
8) In addition to Saturn, Rahu & Mars should also be judged.