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Purvajanma Ki Shaap Pida ( Part: One)

Astro Bhushan Ratnakar 14th Aug 2019

According to Bruhad Parashar Hora Shatram, the aadhya based on " Purvajanma Shaapdyotak Aadhya" covers Serpa Shaap( Naga Dosha), Pitru Dosha, Anapatya Yoga, Pret Badha, Pishachya Badha and Abhichar Yoga are in very precise and easy manner.

In this article, I am trying to explain two commonly occurring yogas out of these six wel known inauspicious yogas in jakak chart.I have drawn the gist of this article from the original text through the reference of a Marathi book.

1. Serpa Shaap( Naga Dosha) : This results in miscarriage in women, or fear of child death or other problems like delay in child birth which occurs in both charts of  males or females.
a. It forms when Rahu is placed in the fifth house either in Aries or Scorpio sign.
b. This inauspicious yoga also occurs even if Mars has drusti on Rahu placed in 5th house.
c. When Shani making combi with Moon in the house or evenif moon has drusti on Shani placed in 5th house.d.  Karak for Child birth is Jupiter, if it is placed with Rahu in 5th house and Mars in lagna, then also this yoga occurs.
e. When Rahu is placed in lagna and Mars and Jupiter combo in present in chart and 5th house house lord is present either 6/8/12, then too this bad yoga.

The remedy for this bad yoga is Nag pujan with mantra shanti by placing Nag idol made in gold. Donating cow, land, sesame, gold to Brahmin.

The causative planet should be identified by any learned Astrologer and then Nagbali pujan is done to rectify this yoga. One more remedy is also very effective, doing fast on Five Panchi ( as per Hindu) tithi for consecutive five Panchmi vrat. In,this five naga idol are made by hand with wheat flour and termeric powder and offering flowers, prasad, rice lahi, and then offering this pujan on next day to river or any no man's land.

2 Pisacha Badha/ Pida:
a. When Rahu or Ketu are placed in 7th house or Rahu with Moon in lagna and 5th or 9th house occupied with malefic Shani and Mars this inauspicious yoga is is known to occur.
b. Lagna occupied with Rahu+ Shani then also this yoga occurs. Ketu occupied with any malefic planet or is seen by malefic planet, then also this yoga is found in main chart.
c. Shani is placed with weak/debilitating moon in 8th house this badha is subject to occur. This yoga results hard suffering life to the jatak.

The best Remedy for this is Narayan and Nag Bali pujan at the banks of the river with Shiva Temple or Nashik, Ujjain or Gayaji.
The best month for this shanti pujan is Shravana/ Bhadrapada/ mahashivratri day/ nagpanchami day/ sankranti/ trayodashi as well as panchami tithi of any month out of the 12 months.

Remaining yogas will be discussed in my next article. Thanks expecting you feedback eagerly.
Composed by Astro Bhushan Ratnakar, Nagpur..