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Here my Horoscope predictions for 2021


Sandhya Singh 03rd Jan 2021

Here my Horoscope predictions for 2021 including what each zodiac sign can expect for what should be wonderful and exciting New Year. The North node of Gemini pushing us to find clearly in matter while moving toward greater understanding of life. This means the south node of testing will in Sagittarius which means we are releasing outdated philosophies. There will be four eclipses in 2021. There are action packed luminaries in the form of a solar eclipse which is an intense new moon and lunar eclipse which is an energetically changed full moon. Each will bring major circumstances in situation and relationships to light. The eclipse will occur on these dates, the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 26th May 2021, solar eclipse in Gemini 10th June 2021, Lunar eclipse in Torus on 19th Nov 2021 and Solar eclipse in Sagittarius 4th Dec 2021.

Mercury retro will occur on 30th Jan 2021 to 21st Feb 2021 in Aquarius. 29th May to 22ndJune in Gemini and 27th Sept to 23rd Oct in Libra. During this time will change and evolve our inner most perspective and ideology.

A Venus star point in Aries on 26th March when the Sun and Venus will exactly connect with each other will bring passion and desire to life Tender Venus and action planet Mars will align in Leo on 13th July giving us the opportunity to move towards what we love most in our life. Authoritative Saturn which will in Aquarius and raviolis Uranus which will be in Torus for all of 2021 and square of on 17th Feb to 14th June old structure will crumble and new foundation will be built in their place during these dates.

Lucky and intellectual Jupiter will move dreamy Pisces from 13th May to 28th July and return to the humanitarian sign Aquarius until 28th Dec (when it reenter Pisces). When Jupiter in Aquarius will want to connect with others through humanitarian endeavors. Jupiter’s moment in pieces meanwhile will expand our hearts and dreams.

Venus retro gate starts at the end of 19th Dec 2021 into Capricorn and lasts until 29th Jan 2021. It will move back into Sagittarius during the planetary moon walk during this retrograde we will question whether or not we are valued by others or if a seemingly lucrative financial opportunity is worth the investment. The main focus will be learning how to assets our needs and making sure we are not being taken for granted by others. By the end of the transit our confidence will sky rocket from knowing and understanding out awesomeness.

And now horoscope for each Zodiac sign for 2021

Your sense of security will be challenged this year. Don’t fret it is not necessity a bad thing you are redefining friendship and only giving your all to those who have proven to be true to you on 17th 2021, Feb to 14thJune 2021 and 24th Dec 2021 cutting ties with some acquaintances will be hard but necessary during the eclipse in May, June, and Dec 2021. The good is that once you let go of their peeps you can surround yourself with positivity during the Venus star point on 26th March this mill form a magical alignment with your son and bring on a new entourage. This crew will inspire you to take chances in professional sphere of your life. When Venus retro gate commences on 19th Dec 2021 through the beginning of 2022.

Changes are coming your way, most of which you are not necessarily ready for but will have to make. The Saturn and Uranus squares that occurs on 17th Feb 2021 to 14th June 2021 and 24th Dec 2021 will bring your carrier to new amazing heights all of which you did not see coming the sweet spot 2021 occurs on 13th July 2021 when Venus and Mars will unite streaming up the romance department and making you a feeling over heels crazy. Lunar eclipse which aligns with your sign on 19th Nov is the best and only way to follow up the tender energy as it will push you into 2022 with heart emoj eyes but as long as you permit yourself to be venerable together with your Crush/Partner.

All eyes are on you, Gemini the only issue is that you may not feel comfortable standing in the spotlight and being the center of attention. Fortunately Jupiter tends a helping hand when it enters Pisces 13th May 2021 to 28th July 2021 and from 28th Dec 2021 to 2022. During this time you will reach new professional heights and gain confidence to be in the lime light the only twist is that Mercury’s backwards spin on your Sun from 29th May 2021 to 22nd June 2021 might make you unsure to the next step. All of the eclipse in 2021 leaves you lost in emotions urging you to release relationships and situations are no longer work for you.

Your taking back your power this year which means that you are not telling to anyone or anything, stands in your way of success. The Venus star point which occurs on 26th March 2021 will raise your vibrations with the public and bring an amazing work opportunity in your way possibility seems endless when Jupiter enters pieces 13th May 2021 to 28th July 2021 and on 28th Dec 2021. Just be careful to not burn the candle from both ends during the eclipse to maintain victory in professional and personal endeavors sentiments. You will have to focus on during Venus backwards journey from 19th Dec 2021 to 2022.

Fasten your seatbelt 2021 is going to be a wild ride. This year’s kicks of big energy in the love department followed by Mercury’s moon walk through the relationship sector of your chart from 30th 2021 Jan to 21st Feb 2021. While you are head over heels in love with current crush on significant other an ex will peep in during the retro gate to steer up the drama. Be aware of love triangle manifesting this career is making major strides and unexpected shifts on all year particularly on 14th Feb 2021 to 14th June 2021 .A unique professional opportunity presents itself during this lunar eclipse on 19th Nov 2021. Lean into it saying yes to all possibilities will elevate you to better status.

Work is at the forefront of your cosmic vibes this year as you will be catapulted dynamic professional project the eclipse in May, June and December will elevate your status and bring a highly anticipated promotion raise your way. The only drawback to your successful years is that you will have to find balance in your life give more energy activities centered on self-care. You cannot possibly rule the world like fellow Virgo.Love is another highlight or 2021 you will want to give your all to another when Jupiter waltzes through Pisces on 13th May 2021 to 28th July and again from 28th Dec 2021 to 2022. 2021 is giving the fairy tale ending you have been dreaming of your life.

You are keeping peace at all cost this year. Putting the needs of everyone in your life before you’re during the Venus star point to Aries on 26th March 2021. As the summer roles around you will begin to feel as throw you are giving too much time to those your social circle during Venus Mars’s alignment in Leo. This will leave you wanting you more appreciation from your crew which you will totally receive after all you are the glue who holds your squad together. Express the sentiments in July before mercury moon walks over your sun sign making you notice issues in relationships from 27th Sept 2021 to 23rd Oct. Venus pushing you to reassess your core needs as it commences it planetary back strokes on 19th Dec 2021.

It is time get deep being that your intense you will not have issue getting intimate during eclipse in spring an autumn. Pay attention to 19th Nov lunar eclipse as you will want reignite a former partnership or give more affection to existing relationship. Jupiter moment into Pisces 13th May 2021 to 28th July 2021 will make creativity and romance extra dreamy, you will incline to more risk then. Venus and Mars connection in the career sector of your chart on 13th July will push you to announce an unlikely professional alliance which will rock your world for the better on 14th Feb 2021 to 14th June 2021.

Love is an ever confusing sentiment in 2021. The Venus star point which occurs 26th March 2021 will start a new journey in fun and romance. As the north node destiny galvanizes the relation sector your chart. You will pull in fates connection during the eclipse in May and December. The caveat is that illusive Neptune residence in cosmos and Jupiter ingress in Pisces will make you ensure about how to partner with others.

Real talk 2020 was an extremely intense year for you. 2021 is going to be a lot easier after riding the emotional roller coaster of the past year and implanting major changes into your life. You are focusing your energies on building up your confidence now. The only caveat is Saturn will push you deal with old sentiments on 14th Feb, 14th June and 21st December. Before you can take your power back you will have to make up with friends who you have made feel less than stellar throughout the year. Owning your past mistake will essential to do during the both eclipse seasons. Once you apologies and take accountability for your wrong doings, your self-steam will soar as you will be karmically debt free.

If there is one take away from 2021it would be to stop being super hard on yourselfthis sentiment will be hard to feel due to expensive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn aligning you sun sign. Austere Saturn and rebellious will push you out of your comfort zone on 14th Feb, 14th June and 14th Dec this energy will hit high during the lunar eclipse on 19th Nov. Luckily the eclipse in May and December will bring you some much needed TLC(Tender love care) from friends. They will help guide you and stand by your side all year, reminding you to have more loughs and fun in the year.

Your internal world is transforming this year, making your professional endeavors take a back seat to your personal life. The eclipse in May and December will push you to give more attention than ever to your home and family. When Jupiter aligns with your sun sign from 13th May to 28th July and again on 28th Dec. You will be able to attain success in all interpersonal relationships. This will help you thrive during the turbulence of eclipse seasons in the springs. As you swing into the last days summer and falls there will be a chances to do some deep inner healing that bring you closer with your brood allowing you to see that home is where your heart is in 2021.

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