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Shailendra Choudhary 22nd Jun 2018


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Jupiter-Moon Conjunction. Jupiter and moon conjunction in astrology is called Gaj kesari yoga. Meaning of Gaj is an Elephant and Meaning of Kesari is lion. So it mean a person who possess the qualities of both.. That of an elephant and of lion.It is called Gaj Kesari yoga  for a reason.

Moon is astrology is related with our mind and our thinking pattern. Moon is the planet which controls our mind and our thinking pattern.The logical and calculative part of our mind is controlled by mercury . But  our thinking pattern and our behaviour in society is controlled by moon. How to perceive outer world  and on what direction of our mind in going to be is controlled by moon. General behaviour of human personality is also shown from moon and the sign in which our moon is placed. That is why people with different moon sign behave differently. Though its a sun sign which actually controls the purpose of birth but moon sign gives the way and direction and methods to accomplish any work. Moon sign becomes the most important sign because on that way only people are going to do work. Moon is the most important part of our personality and it is our mind.


Jupiter the planet of wisdom and knowledge. The most optimistic planet in astrology and giver and bestower of wealth,knowledge,light and  guidance. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism. In a horoscope, the placement of jupiter always give support and wisdom. Jupiter sitting with any planet will expand the qualities of that planet in a very optimistic and positive way. Jupiter is the planet of wealth,knowledge,wisdom and light. It's a life giving planet.


Now in the world u have seen many people and all of them are always happy.There are people  who have everything but still they are not mentally happy.Because of the influence of different planets over moon, the thinking pattern of human changes.Malefic planets like rahu ketu will always give mental suffering to the person. They may possess  good amount of wealth and other happiness of life

but if a malefic planet is with moon then the mind of person will be negative and depressing.


Now if jupiter is in conjunction with moon or aspect the moon, the native always remain optimistic in any situation of life. The presence of jupiter over moon gives life to the thinking of moon and natives become very optimistic and happy person. Native always posses  good amount of wealth in his life through right mean and negative thought will not overtake the native. A Person having jupiter moon conjunction is always optimistic and happy.Their mind is filled with positivity and always will have faith in god.Even if they financial and emotional support from world they don't take it as bad luck. They always think ahead and create a better world for themselves and for the people of their known. They gains reputation in huge social circles because of their positive and optimistic mind.



Acharya Sarwan Kumar Jha

देव द्विजार्चासक्तश्च बनधुमान्यकरो धनी । दृढप्रीतिः सुशीलश्च जीवचन्द्रसमागमे ।। देव ब्राह्मण का भक्त, बन्धुओं को मानने वाला, धनवान, गहरी मित्रता करनेवाला और सुशील होता है यदि चन्द्रमा और गुरु साथ हो ।