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Misconception about Lord Kartikeya


Vaswati Baksiddha 10th Nov 2018



Kartikeya .. Mangal Kumar planet. Kumar = ('Ku' + 'Mar'). Koo = ugly Mar = Beauty Kumar, meaning that the insolent (That is, the beauty of Kundarparkanti beauty also denominates the beauty of it). Our misconception is that the meaning of the word kumar is unmarried.  Commander of God Kartikeya  is called Kumar .Because Kartikei is so beautiful & attractive that the beauty of Kamdeva ( who is famous for his beauty)  shows ugly to the beauty of Kartik. Kartik married Shasti .According to Skandpuran, Goddess Sasthi is the daughter of  Brahma .Therefore,  worshiping Kartik is in vogue in   desire  of having child. According to the South Indian mythology Kartik's other wife is Bally. So Kartik is not single.