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Vaswati Baksiddha 26th Mar 2018

First of all, it should be cleared, what is called kundalini? Kundalini is the electro-magnetic pranic energy, which means coiled spiral and stems from an earlier hood. Kund meaning fire pit. It is coiled 3 & half times around the base of the spine. Kundalini is represented by cobra snake & can move yogi from static state to kinetic activation in a split second. The Kundalini is intensified spiritual pran, if the pranic energy is the atomic bomb, the voltage of the kundalini energy benefits the guided yogi like the hydrogen bomb. This awaken kundalini is one of the most portened boost for any spiritual practitioner. The Kundalini sakti is activated & awakened during the kundalini pranayama. Which is called the kundalini breath or kundalini kriyayoga. It is hidden & laiden to the all human beings in their nervous system. When kundalini yoga is performed as per sad guru’s guidance , the pranic life force in our spinal cord builds up to generate great spiritual magnetism, in voltage by the ceaseless movement of the kriya life force breath once pran, breath ,vital fluid & mind  become one to form the evolutionary life force energy called kundalini.

According to the Nath tradition in India the kundalini is revealed as the divine virgin, the consort, the divorcee & the widow all in one. She is the universal life force of sustenance and the evolution at the base of the spine, the sleeping beauty; Shakti, awaiting a lot charming shiva’s kiss of consciousness which release her to ascended of the spine & unite with him in   a holy communion at the thousand petal lotus. Sakti, kundalini at the bride Cinderella, the lady of the cinders whom went fanned by the alchemical fire of shiva-sakti kriya, ignites as kundalini blessing of the chimney of the spine, susumna to unite with the immortal lord Shiva in the crown chakra.