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Gochara predictions -Planetory transits


Astro SP Singh 14th Jun 2018






Gohara is a current planetary transit.  Gochara of the planets is determined from the natal moon sign.  Gochara should also be analysed along with the dasa and antardasa predictions. The Gochara transists of Jupiter, Saturn are extremely important. If the Dasa and antardasa are not favourable, but if the Jupiter and saturn transits are favourable for entire year, then the person gets completely protected that year.


Gochara of mercury is very important for predicting the Stock Market trends. Mercury normally retrogrades 3 times in a year. Mercury retrograde can create lot of turbulence and downward trend in the stock market. However, when it gets combust during the retrogression, the effects of the retrograde will diminish.  In other words, the market tends to get better.


When the mercury is out of retrogarde, the markets normally stabilize.


If a horoscope is analyzed with Gochara transit of planets along with the dasa and antar dasa, the predictions will be more accurate. Here are some examples:

If a person is struggling for a job and dasa and antardasa are moderately favourable, then look if the Sun is placed in 3, 6, 10, or 11 houses in the Gochara and aspected by Jupiter. 

Similarly, Jupiter or Rahu in 12th will easily give foreign travel during that year.





Sometimes, a planets in the Gochara transit may not be able to give full benefic influence, inspite of transiting a favourable house in Gochara. This is due to obstruction of some other planet. This is called Gochara Vedha.  The Gochara Vedha can diminish the positive effects of a particular planet during that transit. For example when Jupiter is transiting the 2nd house, he gives very favourable results, but there is some other planet in the 12th house from the natal moon, then positive effects of jupiter's 2nd house transit from the natal moon are diminished. The extent, to which the positive effects can be reduced, varies from a person to person based on the Karmas. So, if there are 2 people A and B with the same Rasi, and Jupiter is transiting the 2nd house in Gochara. If there is a planet in 12th house causing Vedha, both the Person A and B will not get the 100% results of Jupiter's benefic transit in 2nd house.  Person A may receive only 80% of jupiter's  Gochara transit benefic rays, while person B may get  only 60% of jupiter's Gochara transit benefic rays because jupiter is under Gochara Vedha and will not give 100% benefic results.

Gochara positions for Sun (Ravi) (Sun Transit)



 (Favourable in 3, 6,10 and 11 positions. Unfavorable in 2nd, 4th , 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th positions.)


1) If Ravi is in 1st house , then ,the person will suffer from ill health, loss of wealth, will have to wanderand toil for nothing. Check for the rise in blood pressure and heart diseases if aspected by Rahu during that period.


2) If Ravi is in 2nd house, the person will suffer from loss of wealth,  will suffer from eye problems etc. There may be some misunderstanding and quarrels at home.


3) If Ravi transits through the 3rd house from Chandra , the person will get a good position in the society, They  will have sound health and earn wealth. They will be courageous. They might get promotions in the job/office. If there is a planet other than Saturn in the 9th house from moon, then Sun will be in Vedha and the positive effects of sun in 3rd house are reduced/ diminished.


4) When Ravi transits through the 4th, there may be stomach related problems, quarrels at home, and no piece of mind.


5) When Ravi transits through the 5th house, it will cause monetary problems. Avoid speculations or stocks. You may have to face lot of worries. Watch out for health.


6) When Ravi   transits 6th house, there will be promotion in job, will acquire wealth and will defeat all the enemies or dominate over them.


7) When Ravi transits 7th, there will be quarrels and misunderstanding with the spouse or business partners.  If Ravi conjuncts with Saturn in the 7th house, there will be lot of bickering and quarrel with the spouse.


8) When Ravi transits 8th house, the person will suffer from illness, and heavy expenditure. If Ravi is conjunct with Mars or Saturn in the 8th,  there will more expenditure and health issues.


9) When Ravi transits 9th, the person will face humiliation, loss of wealth, worries, health problems.  If there is a planet other than Saturn in the 3rd house, the bad effects of sun in 9th house can be obstructed.


10) When Ravi transits 10th, there will be promotion or carrier opportunity.  When aspected by Jupiter, it will be very good for the job.


11) When Ravi transits 11th, the person will get honors in the society.  They can expect good money, and happiness in the job, can also give promotion/elevation in job  when aspected by jupiter.


12) When Ravi transits 12th, it will bring lot of expenditure, health issues, loss of status.  When Ravi is in 12th, it is better to visit temples and perform poojas.


Gochara positions for Mars   (Mars Transit)



 (Favorable in 3, 6,10 and 11 positions. Unfavorable  in 2nd, 4th , 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th positions.)


1) Mars is not favorable when it transits the 1st house. You may have fevers, health problems. Need to control the be anger. There may also be rift with the spouse and the business partners. 


2) When mars transits the 2nd house in Gochara, you may face expenditure, problems in the domestic life.  Your words might be harsh. Need to watch your speech.


3) Mars is favorable in the 3rd house in Gochara. Good for financial gains, you will have courage and confidence. You will succeed in the new endeavors. You will be satisfied in your profession/job.


4) Mars is not favorable in 4th house in Gochara.  Your health would require more attention . There is also a possibility of suffering from diseases mostly related to the blood and the stomach. You are likely to be worried. Relationships will be in trouble. Avoid any issues related to land and property during this transit.


5) Mars will not produce favorable results when  transiting the 5th house. This is not a good time for speculation, stock or lottery. You may have trouble with your children. Your expenses will be very high.


6) Mars is highly favorable when transiting the 6th house in Gochara. You will win over your enemies. You are likely to do very well in job/profession. You will gain respect or honor in the society. You are like only to have financial gains as well.


7) Mars is highly unfavorable when transiting the 7th house. You are likely to have fights disagreements with your spouce and business partners. You o need to watch your anger during this transit.


8) Mars is unfavorable when transiting 8th house. You should be careful with accidents and diseases relating to blood.  There will be lot of expenditure.


9) Mars is not favorable when it transits 9th house in Gochara.  You will have lot of tensions and worries in your mind. Watch out for physical ailments during this period.


10) Mars is favorable in 10th house in Gochara. You are likely to command respect in your job/profession. You may also get promotion. You will be free from worries.


11) Mars is highly favorable in 11th house in Gochara. You will get success in all areas of life. There will be financial gains. You will enjoy good health.  There will be domestic peace and happiness.


12) Mars is not favourable in the12th house in Gochara. You will have lot of expenditure. There will be health problems, hospital visits and and loss of blood in some cases. You may have to face dishonor and humiliation.


Gochara predictions for Jupiter (Jupiter Transit)


 (Favorable in 2nd,5th, 7th, 9th, 11th positions. Unfavorable  in 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th positions.)


1) Jupiter in 1st house is not favorable. It will bring lot of hurdles and tensions in all aspects of life.  There will be delays in all the activities. There will be lack of happiness and satisfactions. However, this period may be good for religious or spiritual purposes.


2) Jupiter in 2nd house Gochara is  very favorable. You will be bestowed with wealth, good income, and happiness. There can also be a birth in the family.  You relations with the family members will be good.  If  there is a planet in the 12 th house from moon, the Jupiter will be in Vedha. That means, the positive effects of Jupiter will reduce.


3) Jupiter is not favorable in the 3rd house in Gochara. There will be lot of hurdles in your life. Financially this may not be a good phase. There will be obstacles in business. You are also likely to lose some money. You may have trouble with your employer.  However, some of you may do some religious deeds, because Jupiter will aspect the 9th house.


4) Jupiter is not favourable in 4th house in Gochara. This brings along worries for you. Stay away from any kind of litigations and property related issues. Try and maintain cordial relationships with your relatives and friends. Financially this could be a trying time for you. Take measures to avoid unnecessary expenses and travel. Be careful when driving vehicles.


5) Jupiter is highly favorable in 5th house in Gochara. Financially, this will prove to be a good time.  It is also good time for any speculations like stocks.  An auspicious event may take place at home, like birth of child . You may successfully complete all your plans and wishes.  If you are single, you may get perfect match.  It is also good time for students to o well in their studies.


6) Jupiter is not favorable in 6th house in Gochara. You need pay more attention to your health. There may be lot of expenditure and debts. You may not have cordial relations? with your coworkers. You may feel unhappy and restless.  You need to be careful with the thiefs or any theft.


7) Jupiter is highly favorable in 7th house in Gochara. You will have lot of happiness and relations with the spouse will also be good. If you are single, you may get married during this period. You will enjoy good health. You will have good relations with your coworkers. Socially, this a very good time. You will enjoy the company of friends and relatives.


8) Jupiter is not favorable in 8th house in Gochara. There may be unnecessary expenditure and travel is likely to be troublesome.  You may have to work hard in your job to succeed.  There may be lack of bodily comforts. You may have to visit hospitals and health may not be good. You need to be careful with lawsuits and litigations.


9) Jupiter is highly favorable in 9th house in Gochara. There will good income and financial gains.  Your will show lot of interest in religious activities  and you are likely to attend as the religious functions. This period is particularly good time for authors, publishers, professors and people related to the field of books. There is also a possibility of foreign distance travel.


10) Jupiter is not favorable in 10th house in Gochara. You may develop negative thinking and a feeling of wretchedness during this time. Some unfulfilled desires may make you irritable as well. Avoid wandering about, as you are most likely to be disappointed during this particular time. This is the time when you may need to consciously avoid arguments with your seniors at work and with your elders at home.


11) Jupiter is favorable in 11th house in Gochara.  This signifies a good time. During this time you may expect promotions at the workplace, gain in trade and even a position of higher authority in your professional life. This could also prove to be a socially good time for you, as your status in the society is likely to be heightened. Finances would be good and most of you would consider buying landed property, jewellery, new vehicles and acquiring material comfort in this time. You would also enjoy sound health and a peaceful mind.


12) Jupiter is not favorable in 12th house in Gochara. This indicates expenditure for you. The outflow of money is expected to be greater than the inflow. Above all, you may also find difficulty in trade and business, especially related to the cattle business. However, you are also likely to spend some money on auspicious occasions and on long distance travels. This period may force upon you a phase in which you may have to stay away from your native place and away from your children. If employed, hold on to your position and rank at work as this period may put a risk to these as well.


Gochara positions for Saturn   (Saturn Transit)


 (Favorable in 3, 6,and 11 positions. Unfavorable  in 1st, 2nd, 4th , 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th positions.)


1) Saturn is not favorable in 1st house from Gochara. This is called second phase of sade sati. You may feel that luck is not favoring you in any areas of life. You are likely to encounter troubles, delays in all your day to day life activities. Financially, this is not a very good time. You may appear dejected and unpleasant to others. Saturn transiting the 1st house can also produce depression in some people.


2) Saturn is not favorable in 2nd house from Gochara. This is called last phase of sade sati. This is  very bad time. You may see death in the family. There may be separation or divorce from spouse. You may be out of job for long time. There may be financial hurdles. You will be unhappy with the family life.


3) Saturn is very favorable in 3rd from Gochara. You are done with Sade Sati. Saturn was troubling you for past 7 years. Now Saturn has turned favorable to you. You lost confidence is back again. You will success in all areas of life. All you dreams and desires from last 7 years will get fulfilled. You will well financially. You may start a new job with good income. You will be happy with your family life.


4) Saturn in 4th house from Gochara is not favorable. This is also called as  ardhastama Shani. During this transit, Saturn causes problems in family, accidents, financial instability, losses in land/real estate, health problems.


5) Saturn in 5th house from Gochara is not favorable.  You may not be happy with your losses.  You may have quarrels with your spouse or business partners. Overall, you main not be happy.


6) Saturn is highly favorable in the 6th house from Gochara.  You will get victory over your enemies, business competitors, and overall health will be good.  You will have good monetary gain also.  You will also maintain cordial relations with your relatives and family members.


7)Saturn in 7th house in Gochara is not favorable.  You might find that relations with spouse and the business partners are not very good. You will it more when Saturn retrogrades in the 7th house.  You need to maintain lot of patience with people. You may tend to get worried, things will be delayed. 


8) Saturn is not favorable in 8th house from Gochara. You will have troubles with your spouse. You may be diagnosed with a disease. You may have to undergo hospital trips or surgery. You may loose lot of money. It may be tough time financially.  You may be out of job for long period of time.


9) Saturn is not favorable in 9th house from Gochara. You may be changing many jobs or not satisfied with your job. This transit will cause lot of distress and worry. There is a good possibility of long distance travel. You may attend funeral of close relative during this time.

If there is any other planet other than sun in the house, then the bad effects of the Saturn in 9th house can be reduced.


10) Saturn is not favorable in 10th house in Gochara. You may be having problems at work/ employment. Your boss at work may give you hard time. You may have to face lot of distress and your honor in society could be at stake. You may develop friction or differences with your spouse.  There will be more expenditure than income.


11) Saturn is highly favorable in 11th house from Gochara. You will have lot of financial gains. You will have cordial relations with your spouse, friends and relatives. You will be happy with your job and profession. You will enjoy sound health. There could be an addition in the family. You will take part in the auspicious events.


12) Saturn is not favorable in 12th house in Gochara. This is called the first phase of sade sati. Saturn will cause depression, disease, distress during this transit. You may loose most of the money you saved in your life time. You may loose your job. There could be divorce/separation.  You may face immigration related problems. Life may not seem smooth


Gochara positions for Mercury (Mercury Transit)


Favorable in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th , and 11th positions. Unfavorable in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th,  9th, 12th positions.)


1) Mercury is not favorable in 1st house from Gochara. It can cause worries, headaches, injury to  tongue, sore throat, hoarseness of voice and tonsillitis. You may also have to watch out for unnecessary expenditure. You may also find obstacles in performing any auspicious work at home.


2) Mercury is favorable in 2nd house from Gochara. This indicates good income. You are likely to benefit financially. The family life will be good.


3) Mercury is not favorable in 3rd house from Gochara. There will be misunderstanding with relatives and co-workers, worries, expenditure, and tensions.


4) Mercury is favorable in 4th house. You will enjoy good income, good reputation, success in competitive examinations, study of new subjects  and enjoyment of luxury. There will be cordial relations in the family.


5) Mercury is not favorable in 5th house from Gochara. There will be problems in personal life. This is not a good time for speculation or stocks. You may incur more expenditure.


6) Mercury is favorable in 6th house from Gochara. You will have good income, good joy good relations with your boss or coworkers. You will enjoy good health.


7) Mercury is not favorable in 7th house in Gochara. This may bring in some trying time for you both mentally and physically. This period indicates illness. You may have to experience physical pain and bodily weakness during this phase. Mentally you might become restless and anguished.


8) Mercury is favorable in 8th house in Gochara. This mostly signifies wealth and success. It indicates success in all your work and projects. During this period you may expect financial stability and gain in financial ventures. Socially you would see a rise in your status. People would respect you more and your popularity would increase. This period may also let you acquire a comfortable lifestyle.