12 house detail significative in horoscope


Astro Rakesh Periwal 21st Jun 2021


First House:

  • Physical stature, general appearance, character and temperament, complexion, form and shape, constitution , action, will, ventures
  • Fifth child; mother-in-law, great grandchildren, childhood in general
  • Important for matters concerning health; one should examine the 1st, 3rd, and 8th houses to ascertain the probable life span
  • Health, vitality and energy, habitual thinking, natural disposition and tendencies; personality and struggle for life, success or failure in attempts.
  • Head and upper part of the face; brain, skin, acne, brain, breath
  • Name, fame, reputation. 
  • Happiness or misery
  • Demise of partner, speculative activities of father
  • General candor, dignity and honor, general well-being and prosperity.
  • People in the country, person asking the question.
  • Virtues, longevity 
  • View occupants and aspects to Ascendant to determine fortunes and misfortunes in life
  • Appropriating other's money, gambling on other's money.
  • Gains and profits to younger siblings; fame , reputation, and patrimony of mother.
  • Higher studies, life in a foreign place or connection with stranger's to native's children, danger to maternal uncle, speculation of father, neighbors of elder siblings and elder siblings short journeys. 
  • In Horary, the first house represents the person who is asking the question

Second House:

  • Artha (wealth) house, food, right eye, face, neck, glands, nape of the neck, throat and throat ailments
  • Speech and ability to express his/her thoughts verbally, family, close relatives of the native: (grandmother and grandfather, wife, mother, children, brothers, sisters, all close relatives).
  • Voice and vocal chords
  • Money matters, currency, fortune, profit and gain or loss, one's power and resources, worldly attainments, possessions of value, jewelry, precious stones and metals, documents, bonds, securities, stocks and shares, promissory notes, mortgages, bank balances, and exchangeable negotiable assets, law suits, extravagant or economical, loans, money lent or borrowed, national wealth, banking activities, revenue, money of the querist.
  • Efforts in acquisition of wealth, miserliness or liberality, rank, position. 
  • Share of profits to partner. 
  • Death of individual, common diseases of the natives father.
  • Ability to express one's thoughts, softness of speech, oratorical abilities. 
  • One's reputation regarding sports.
  • Second marriage. The second house is eighth to the seventh (representing the first wife), and normally after the death of the first wife one marries for a second time. (Some Astrologer's prefer to use the eighth for the second marriage, as the eighth is seventh [spouse] from the second, which is the death of the first marriage. 
  • Vision or power of observation, right eye, memory, imagination, nails, tongue, nose, teeth, cheeks and chin.
  • Protection of others, family members, close dependents.
  • Clothes, gold, good silver, pearls, rubies, minerals, corn, cereals.
  • Gains to native, but losses to younger siblings and their changes, mother's gains and her elder siblings,, profession and success of children, long journey to maternal uncle, purchase of a house, land, or vehicle by elder siblings.
  • Danger to partner, death of partner
  • Illness of grandchildren

Third House:

  • Mental inclinations, ability, memory, intellect, inclination to study, restlessness, mental confusion. 
  • Arms, fingers, dexterity, adaptability, co-ordination, hands, throat, shoulder blade, collarbone, nervous system, lungs
  • Correspondence, communications, books, letters, papers, writings, accounting, mathematics, press
  • Courage, firmness, valor, bravery, prowess and heroism.
  • Younger brothers and sisters, cousins, kindred, casual acquaintances, neighbors, short travel.
  • Eating unspoiled or pure foods, edible roots and fruits.
  • Vehicles, bicycle, bus, train, or railway, boats, car trips, boat trips.
  • Rumors, gossiping, carrying tall tales.
  • Post Office, telephone, TV, telegraph, radio, telecommunications, computer, airmail.
  • Library, bookstore, mediator, messenger, reporter, publicity officer, editor, journalist.
  • Change of residence, signature, signing contracts or agreements.
  • Neighboring countries, treaties, roadside places, partition of property.
  • Illness of Mother-in-Law 
  • Father-in-Law
  • Children of friends

Fourth House:

  • Mother, one’s home, home life, residence, domestic environment, grave 
  • Breasts, digestive organs, digestion, lung problems 
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Conditions at the end of life, one's final illness; illness of friends
  • Private affairs, secrets and secret life
  • House, fields, pastures, farms, mines, immovable personal property, property damage from floods
  • Real Estate, buildings, ancient dwellings, monuments, 
  • Banks, schools, colleges, public buildings, mansions, entrance into a house
  • False allegations, trust
  • Small wells, water, milk, ponds
  • Vedic and secret texts, herbs, caves
  • Where stolen property is kept 
  • Graves, hidden things

Fifth House:

  • Progeny, inclinations, pleasures, artistic talents
  • Gains to wife, gains to business, partner’s luck
  • Recreation, entertainment, amusement, sports
  • Romance, courtship, love affairs
  • Acting, drama, music, dance
  • Cards, crossword puzzles, games
  • Lottery, gambling, stock market,
  • Banquets, festive occasions
  • Kidnap, rape, licentiousness
  • Good morals, discrimination between virtue and sin
  • Chanting of Vedic hymns and mantras, religiousness, spiritual practices
  • Wisdom, profound learning
  • Enormous riches

Sixth House:

  • House of sickness, disease, exhaustion
  • Dietary habits, food, food allergies, digestive nerves, colon, untimely meals
  • Clothing, hygiene, sanitation
  • Favorable results in competition
  • Debts or borrowing money, miserliness
  • Employees, tenants, servants, subordinates
  • Enemies, obstacles in any undertaking
  • Maternal uncle, short journeys of the mother
  • Insanity, intense anguish, incessant eye trouble
  • Theft, calamity, prison
  • Purchase or sale of conveyance by younger brother or sister
  • Sanitation and public health
  • Loss to the partner, investment or purchases made by the partner, loss to the partner
  • Separation from the partner, secret enemies of the partner
  • Occupation or business of the partner
  • Danger to one’s elder brother or sister

Seventh House:

  • House of marriage, union, or legal ties
  • Those with whom the native transacts
  • Litigation, duels, arbitrations, war and foreign affairs, open warfare
  • Fines, divorces, legal bondage, contracts
  • Break of journey, influence in foreign countries, honor and reputation achieved there
  • Danger to longevity
  • Recovery of lost property, description of the thief
  • International relationships, international trade, public meetings
  • Mother’s immovable property, mother’s vehicle
  • Adopted child 
  • Second Born
  • Secret enemies danger, difficulties, death
  • Badhakasthana for people born in Dual (Mutable) Signs (Ge/Vi/Sg/Pi)
  • Associates and friends of father, partnership with father’s friend

Eighth House:

  • Longevity or span of life
  • House of Death 
  • Second marriage, eighth being seventh [spouse] from the second - eighth [death] from seventh [marriage] - with second being eighth to the seventh. Some Astrologer's prefer to use the second house for the second marriage; please reference second house information above.
  • Inheritance, legacies, wills, insurance, gratuity, unearned wealth, dowry
  • Death – natural or unnatural, drowning, fire
  • Accident, suicide
  • Mystery and misery, misfortune, sorrow and strife, worries and privations
  • Delay and dejections, disappointments and defeat, loss and obstruction
  • Blame and ill-repute, danger from enemies, corruption
  • Wrong actions, theft, robbery, fighting
  • Surgeons, medical officers, health inspectors
  • Slaughter houses, butchers, coroners
  • Public mortality and death rate
  • Infection, flood, famine, fire, diseases
  • Earthquakes, natural calamities or grief
  • Financial relations with foreign countries, the nations exports and imports
  • Surrender or loss, debts due to foreign countries, territory of another country
  • Public loans, public debts and interest rates, deficit budget
  • Estate duties and public sales
  • Insurance money of the deceased
  • Difficulties in journeys

Ninth House:

  • Wisdom, faith and divine worship, devotion to God, higher communications
  • Religious and philosophical beliefs, philosophy, devotion
  • Fortune, invention, discovery, exploration
  • Churches, temples, mosques, places of worship, pilgrimage to holy places
  • Meditation, intuition, spiritual preceptors, dreams and visions
  • Father, Guru, short trips involving spouse
  • Legal arbitration, law, legal departments
  • Immigration and emigration
  • Long journeys, air travel, sea voyages
  • Publishing of books, long distance communications
  • International affairs, import and export, national trade, circulation of money
  • Charities, visits to holy places sacrifice, good conduct, penance
  • Wells, tanks, water sheds, vehicles of servants
  • Children’s pleasures and speculative benefits ; pleasures derived from sports (5th from the 5th)
  • Mother’s illness, spouse of younger sibling (brother or sister in-law), friends to elder sibling
  • Hospitalization of Mother-in-Law
  • Badhakasthana for people born in Fixed Signs (Ta/Le/Sc/Aq)

Tenth House:

  • Reputation, character, morality, honor, dignity, and public esteem
  • Profession, occupation, business
  • Name and fame; power and prestige
  • Success and status, credit and conduct
  • Rank and renown; ambition and authority
  • Worldly activities and responsibilities
  • Promotions, advancements, employer, superior
  • Government, judge, honor from the government, seal of authority
  • Doctor, medicine, prosperity, teaching
  • Thighs
  • Adopted son, Father’s self-acquisition, retirement
  • Health issues of children; debts incurred by children
  • Maraka house to both Mother and Father
  • Mother’s opponents
  • Mother-in-Law
  • Danger to younger siblings
  • Head of the State, Presidents, National Leaders
  • Losses to elder siblings and secret activities of elder siblings

Eleventh House:

  • House of friends, society, community, associates, admirers, supporters, advisors, well-wishers, close acquaintances
  • Hopes, wishes, realization of dreams, wealth
  • Devotion to God, fortune
  • Gains, success in undertakings, profits, speculation, writings, incoming wealth
  • Pleasure, prosperity, progress in attempts, Trusts
  • Cure of disease, happy news
  • Elder siblings, paternal aunts and uncles, brother in law
  • Left ear, right foot, left hand, knee
  • Mother’s longevity
  • Father’s short journey’s
  • Birth of Children, children’s competitor’s, partner’s pleasurable pursuits, speculation
  • Recovery from ill health; discharge from hospital
  • Victory over enemies; freedom from misery and pain
  • Jewelry, silk
  • International friendships, government policies and planning, exchange of amenities
  • Government loans, electric companies, gas companies, museums, estates
  • Stores, associations, societies
  • Badhakasthana for people born in Moveable (Cardinal) Signs (Ar/Ca/Li/Cap)

Twelfth House:

  • Losses, impediments, hospitals, prisons and imprisonment, areas of confinement, Asylums, nursing homes, mental hospitals
  • Separation from family; going to a place far away
  • Hidden house; hidden side of life; fear from enemies
  • Termination of employment; unseen or unexpected troubles
  • Sound sleep or not (3rd house shows one’s awakening from sleep, the 6th signifies trance, the 9th house relates to dreams).
  • Sorrow and sin; poverty and persecution; limitations and restrictions
  • Mental pain and agitation; anger, deceptive actions
  • Feet, left eye, bodily injury, mutilation, bodily harm
  • Fears, secrets, solitude, silent suffering, inferiority complexes, self-undoing
  • Secret plots and schemes, conspiracy, envy and malice, treachery
  • Intrigue and deception, fraud, scandals, secret sorrows, disgrace
  • Rape, poisoning, crimes in general
  • Suicide, murder, or assassination, banished persons, treason, spies, underground movements, secret and occult societies
  • Exile and extradition; lost goods never recovered, long hidden wrath, disobedience
  • Obstacles, misery, and misfortune, unseen and unexpected troubles
  • Waste and extravagance; expenses
  • Bed comforts, pressures of money, unusual expenses
  • Drudgery and deception
  • Litigation, danger, difficulties, and disappointments to children.
  • Success in places that are remote from the place of birth
  • Success with large animals
  • Sickness of spouse; long journeys of mother
  • Younger siblings profession
  • Father’s permanent possessions
  • Psychic research, occult investigations, detective work
  • Popularity and prosperity
  • Greatest self-sacrifice, unselfish deeds, seclusion, social barriers
  • Donations, charity, institutions and associations with same

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