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Vaswati Baksiddha 01st Jun 2017

                                INDICATION IN HOROSCOPE TO BE AN ENGINEER


The horoscope of a person indicates his or her interests and inclinations towards a particular stream of subject. First of all to become an engineer the person should go towards science stream. Planets Venus, Sun, Mars & Mercury are indicator of science stream. If there is any connection of these planets with 4th house or 4th Lord in the horoscope, it is one of the indications.  

 Next we should judge the strength of the basic planets of education. Mercury & Jupiter are the major planets which signify education.  So these two planets always to be consider for any education related analysis. Mercury indicates math & Jupiter gives knowledge .The pivotal planets mercury when associates with other science stream indicator planets it gives aptitude for different  branch of engineering. 

Engineering is a technical education. Planet Rahu plays a vital role in technical education.  If the planets Sun ,Venus, Mars make any association with Rahu and their association takes place on 4th or 5th house of the horoscope , it`s gives extra privilege   to be an Engineer.

Another good point is zodiac sign. Airy zodiac signs viz. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius indicates intellectual sector. If those signs fall as the 4th house or Rahu associates with this house, it is a strong indicator of engineering, mainly computer engineering or software developing.

In addition to the above indicator the following planetary combination also can be taken as instigators of engineering.

Any association between Mars & Rahu (software engineer)

Mars, Saturn& Mercury (civil)

Venus &Mars (chemical)

Saturn, Rahu & Venus (Mechanical)

This is an all over indication, to know more details or appropriate connection or Yogas to be an engineer personal chart should be judged. 


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