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20th Feb 2018

Debilitated planets are weak in strength and they produce adverse result during their Dashas.A planet  is debilitated in a native horoscope and if there is cancellation of debilitation then it will give benefic results.

A planet  achieve neech-Bhang under following Conditions.

  1. The Lord of the house where planet is debilitated (Debilitation Lord of the planet) is in kendra from Lagna  or the Moon.
  2. The Exaltation Lord of the debilitated planet  is in Kendra from lagna or the Moon.
  3. Debilitated planet is associated with or aspected by its debilitation lord.
  4. Deblitated planet is associated with or aspected by its exaltailitation Lord.
  5. Debilitated planet exchanges  house with its debilitation lord.
  6. Two Debilitated planet aspect each other.

Planet  in Neech Bhang Raj yog give setback and  struggle during the first half of dasha and give benefic results in  later half of the dasha.Like if there is salt in the Tea and you add sugar to make it sweet the taste of the salt will remain in the tea. If there is cancellation of debilitation  due to above mention  conditions  the good results will be felt during the dasha  but due  to debilitation some bad results will be felt during the dasha.

In the horoscope shown in picture Lagna Lord Sun is Debilitated in  Libra in  3H.But Lord of debilitation  Venus is Kendra from Lagna..So there is cancellation of the Debilitation of planet Sun.The native will face struggle  or setbacks during first half of the dasha  but during later half of dasha benefic results/extra ordinary results  will be felt.