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YOGA is a conscious process to gaining mastery over the mind, due to this individual shows the skill in action, it helps to integrated personality development with spiritual growth.


Astrology is a great science which unfolds the secrets of human beings in a wonderful manner through the planets in exemplary manner which puzzle even the modern scientists many a times. The

Traditional knowledge if medicine is being projected since many centuries in India in Ayurveda.


The modern medical science does not have any link with the influence of planet unlike the oriental medical science of Ayurveda, which emphasizes the diagnosis of diseases on the Tridosha the vatha, pitta and kapha meaning airy, bilous and phlegmatic in nature. The principle of modern medicine to that of Ayurveda of the past which in it’s “Charaka Samhita” is used to analysis the diseases of the mankind and with effects of planetary combination to diagnosed the disease. In short this science of Astrology is thronging light on the Anatomy, the physical condition and Mainly on Mental Disposition etc.


The Kalapurusha Kundali (Astrological Chart) consists of 12 signs, 27 Stars and 9 Planets. In this the sun raise in eastern part of birth place to time of birth of individual is called the Ascendant represent the physical body, the star in which moon disposition during the birth day represent the status of mind and the sun positioned sign represent the soul energy. In Astrology the connection of Body, Mind and Soul, i.e the Ascendant, Star and Sum positioned Sign respectively, plays a major role in individual’s life. Also the 12 signs are assigned to four purushartha’s i.e Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The 4th,8th

and 12th are called the Moksha Sthana’s.


The part of the human body is classified based on the sign, star and planets ex ; Ascendant (1st house) represent the physical body, head and mind and the 3rd house represent the Neck, The Chitta Star (14th Star) represent Neck, Uttarabhardra (26th Star) represent Ankle and Planet Sun assigned to heart ailment and Saturn to disease of the bone.


The diagnosing the diseases in Astrology involves the study of chart with the planets combination, aspect of then, planets occupation in different stars, study of signs and the tatwas (5 tatwas i.e Fire, Earth, Airy, Water and Sky) of signs. The benefic combination helps the individual to keep in Body, Mind and Soul in perfect condition. But it is rare combination so every individual face some health problem from his birth or during his/her life time based on the above diagnosing parameter combination.


The Yogasanas helps individual to remove lethargy and tardiness in the body. Develop the stamina of the body and Discipline body-mind complex helps in attaining the silence which is very important to joining i.e “yuj” jeevatma with paramatma.


The Surya Namaskara i.e Salutation to Sun with Omkar with Bija Mantra along with the name of Sun God helps to produce a specific effect on the mind and its functioning. According to the meaning to Sun God mantra’s it instill the qualities like friendship, devotion, energy, health strength, luster and vigor as we identifies with the Supreme and meditate on those qualities during the practice.


This Surya Namaskara prayer can be suggested to individual who is devoid of Soul Strength, Back bone problems i.e weak position of Planet Sun.


The Dynamic and Relaxing Asana’s with the following features are evoking the dormant potentiality in individual, to raise the individual from his animal nature to normalcy and raise him further the steps to achieve the goal of total freedom, flexibility of spine, emphasis on the positive health and overall personality development and mental equipoise, physical and Pranic Balance.


This Dynamic and Relaxing Asana’s can be suggested to individual unable do the physical work and overstressed by doing the very little jobs etc. who’s Ascendant and Ascendant lord is afflicted in astrological chart.


The sitting postures and the Pranayama postures, which helps in developing the meditation, Blood flow to the head, stimulates the brain can be suggested to the individual who’s Moon position is weak in the astrological chart, which causes the anxiety, Addictive disorder, ADHD and Phobia’s ect, helps in controlling the mind.


Based on the above parameter yoga postures helps to individual to overcome the medical illness caused due to malefic planetary combination by adapting the suitable yoga postures in his life time.


A devotional session containing Prayers, Chants, Bhajanas etc,. helps to build a attenuate and dissipate the emotions. i.e control over emotions is obtained through the in Bhakthi Yoga. The bhajans and prayers can be suggested based on the positioned of weak planet in the astrological chart.



So to handle the gain the control over the basis cause of mental agitation, we can use the YOGA THECNIQUES that controls the emotions of individual. This can be achieved by using the individual birth chart. The yoga helps to control the mind, which makes the individual to work as yogah karmasu kausalam i.e yoga is dexterity in action. This keeps the individual to be in good health condition.

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