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Who am I?

Dr Maharshika Nethravathi VALEE DestinyVishwaM 30th Mar 2018

Life is beabeauti but before that you understand what is life?  what you are  ? What is your position? What character you are playing in this birth? Etc., 

Just think we are only soul. We are playing character as Mother, Father  , sisters, brother, son, daudaugh etc.,  just play this character obediently, punctually, lovely. Experience every movement n enjoe that life. 

In every situation take easily n it comes to me not for others because I am doing some mistakes yesterday or back life or last birth so this situation comes to me only. 

If we expect more disappointed fix to us. Not think too much not ecpect too much. Just do your duties normally. 

Eg :  we have one child, I love him/her so much n his/her lover only for me. He/she is my property, what i say they are doing  this is over expectation . 

When it not fullfilled in our life we are disappointed. Failure comes in that situation. 

It is a example of life one face only. Lot of situations n parts, characters comes in this play like Property, money, job,  position, relatives, persons, Guru's, sisyass, lovers, friends etc.,  etc.,  






Acharya Sarwan Kumar Jha

very good