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Combination For Ill Health (Deha Kashta Yog)

Gurvinder Singh 14th Nov 2018

Combination For Ill Health (Deha Kashta Yog)

1) If the lagnadhipati is associated with malefic the native will suffer from ill health.

2) If the lord of lagan occupies bad houses(6-8-12) and if bad lords occupy the native will suffer disease. Also if malefic planets are in lagan and the lagnadhipathi is devoid of strength then also the native will become sick.

3) If the lord of any Bhav occupies a house and if the lord of that house is in 6-8-12 then the particular bhav will be in great danger. This rule is very useful in medical astrology to detect diseases in various parts of the body.

4) Transit of Planets also effects the natives health.