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Vaswati Baksiddha 23rd Jun 2017



A proper study room is very important for children’s education. It needs to be built as per Vastu guide lines to ensure success in children’s education.


Here are some Vastu tips which are must for a proper study room.


1. As per Vastu Sastra the study room should be in the East or North-East region of the house. Best location for study room is just next to prayer room.  Avoid study room in the South/ South-West corner of the house. It may cause lack of concentration for absorbing negative energy.


2. Yellow is the great colour for study room. It is not only bright but representative for knowledge & wisdom as it is the colour of Jupiter.


3. The room should have good ventilation & flow of natural light. Keep the centre of the study room empty.


4. Decorate study room with green coloured curtain as it enhances the positive energy for Mercury to build up sharp memory.


5.  Never place study desk under a beam .Place it a few inches away from the wall. Study desk should be placed in a manner that student   faces East, North or North-East corners while studying.


6. Any form of clutter is not good as it increases confusion.


7. Book- self should be located in the South or West direction of the room.


8. Hang a picture of galloping horse or rising sun to increase the spirit of advancement. 


9. Display trophies & other prizes won by the student to keep up motivation lavels.

 10. Place computer in the South-east corner of the house.


11. There should be an image of goddess Saraswati in the study room. 


Best of luck



Rajiv Gupta

Very nice article. Very helpful. Contact her for more vastu tips and astrology advice