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Ketu-Shani Yoga in 12-Rashi in Gochar Kundali ( Part:1)


JyotishVisharad Bhushan Ratnakar 19th May 2019

We all know from March 07th Ketu transits in Sagitand Rahu in Genimi. Both are their exalted signs. We regard Rahu n Ketu as Natural malefic planets out of nine grahas. They Spend 18 months in each sign during which they more often signify sudden and bad events in one's life In this article, we will only focus on Effects of Ketu with Shani in Sagittarius till Jan2020, as Shani will remain in Sagittarius till Jan2020 and Ketu till Sep2020.

Saturn is too a natural malefic planet resulting in delay, hurdles, obstacles in individual's life. This combination astrology is known as 'Visphotak Yoga' or 'Explosion'. So we will try to draw some analysis that too in Sagittarius sign of lord Jupiter which itself present in initially in Dhanu now in scorpio.

1.Aries: Period of Conjuction for Aries that is in 9th house will not be much negative. Individuals may get some back pain issues. Challenges will be more if you are facing Saturn/ Rahu/ Ketu Dasha or Anterdasha. Strengthen the power of Saturn as it is ruling Nakshtra of Venus in this period. Avoid black n blue clothes. Wear gold if possible.

2. Taurus: It is in 8th house conjunction for Taurus. This results in vehicle accidents, severe injury. Hence, care take of rash driving. Chanting of Shani mantra, donating articles of two colors, feeding milk n bread to two colored dogs should be followed regularly during this period till Jan2020. Lighting the ghee lamp on Fridays, offering Kapoor to Shiva Temple, if married, respecting wife's advice, using perfumes is also adviced for pleasing 12th Venus ( as per gochar).

3. Gemini: Mild negative for those who have 7th house combinations of Shani n Ketu. Married people specially should avoid unnecessary arguments. Ketu related remedies as in Tauraus should be followed. Specially donating raw food articles in temples n beggars.

4. Cancer: For those who have Ketu Shani yoga in their 6th house, the period will not be favourable. This period results in diseases, legal issues, enemies n job obstacles. Mustard oil lamps at home n Shani temple will help a lot for such issues.Donate milk in Nag Mandir, Keep fasting for 5 Saturdays, Donate old footwares, oil to beggars, avoid earing meat n alcohol on Saturdays n Thurdasy n Mondays. For 12th Rahu, donate blue clothes, offer tobacco in river, keep one silver ball always with you.

5. Leo: 5th house combination of Shani+Ketu will be negative for pregnant women of Leo sign. Take due care. More challenges for students oopting for competitive exams. Breakage in love relations may be expected during this period. Lighting of char mukhi mustard lamp, donating black til/ udad donating Anaj to temple will be fruitful.With mantra chanting of Shani n Ketu.

6. Kanya: 4th house conjuction of this sign will be negative for those suffering with heart lungs related issues as well as BP related person may aggravate. Some operations are also on cards for these with Kanya rashi. Chating mantra of Shani Rahu Ketu keep donating articles of black n blue colors. Feeding Dogs with milk. Donating food/clothes to beggars will surely help a lot. However, other planetary conditions in birth charts and placement of Shani n Ketu in natal charts will decide the strength of bad n good effects of these graha gochar in individuals point of view.