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Vaswati Baksiddha 08th Sep 2018

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                                                         CURVATURE OF THE TRUNK OF LORD GANESHA                                                                                              


Lord Ganesha is worshipped all over India, mainly before starting any auspicious work. Sometimes idol of Lord Ganesha is kept at home as home décor. But when we go to buy an idol we should pay attention of the curvature of its trunk. Because the curvature of the trunk of Lord Ganesha is highly symbolic. So when we will go to worship an idol of Lord Ganesha we should borne in our mind that what is the purpose of worshiping? Material or spiritual?


Let it be discussed here, about the curvature of Ganeshji’s Trunk.

Curvature of the trunk of Ganesh ji are 3 types.

First type of Ganesha idol is depicted with the trunk turning towards the left side accessing a Modak ( Laddu ). This idol is called Vastu Ganesha or Vamavimukhi / Idampuri Vinayaka. Vam means northern direction or left side. Generally Vamanvimukhi is worshipped because it has easy rules to do puja to fulfilment of material success. Sweet Laddu is the indicator of bhog or material comforts. It gives best protection of vastu also.

Another symbolic of left turning trunk according to Hindu Mythology is related to Ida Nadi. Ida Nadi is Chandra Nadi or Moon channel- The spiritual energy channel corresponding to soothing energy flow. This channel caters to left sympathetic nervous system that looks after ones emotional or domestic life which is calm, comfort and relax.

Second type of Ganesha idol is having trunk towards right accessing a pot of nectar. This idol is familiar as ‘Siddhi Vinayaka ‘. The puja of such idol is mainly performed in the temple after fulfilling all religious requirement and by adhering to a strict code of conduct. However if one wants to do worship at home it can be done with utmost respect.

In another way, according to traditional yoga right turned trunk represents Pingala Nadi in our psychic body. Pingala Nadi is Surya Nadi or Sun channel- The spiritual energy channel corresponds to the right sympathetic nervous system (hot & energetic) that takes care of supra- conscious mind. The pot of nectar accessed by the right trunk is nothing but the bliss obtained in Samadhi. So such type of idol should be worshipped to get liberation from infinite birth & death circle.


The third type of Ganesha idol is having the trunk straight forward. It represents Sushumna Nadi. Such idols are very rare & special. If the straight trunk swings up right in the air means Kundalini Shakti has reached the Sahasara permanently.


This year (2018) Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 13th September ( Thursday)


Puja timing 10 : 19 am. – 12 : 45 pm. = 2 hours 26 mins



On 12th, time to avoid Moon sighting (16  : 07 pm. –  19  :  51 pm. ) = 3 hours 43 mins.


On 13th,    ,,     ,,      ,,         ,,             ,,     (08 : 40 am.  -    20 : 32 pm.) =     11hours    51 mins.



 Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated as birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha. So celebrate Ganesh ji’s (the omnipotent deity with absolute power ) birthday worshipping him with a lucid and pure mind but keeping in mind of his trunk’s curvature while buying an idol to get material enjoyment ( bhoga ) or liberation (Moksha). 





                  ॐ एकदन्ताय विद्महे वक्रतुंडाय धीमहि तन्नो बुदि्ध प्रचोदयात।।