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Numerology Analysis of Movie Firangi

Ruma Marwah 30th Nov 2017

Here is the Analysis of the Movie Firangi


Firangi total adds to 21 i.e basic number 3 which is just a fine number in bollywood numerology,  and the movie is going to release on 1.12.2017 which adds 14 i.e  basic number 5, and 2 is enemy number with number 5. 


Star Cast of Firangi



Kapil Sharma, whose date of Birth 2.4.1981 that adds to 25 Destiny number is 7 and the movie's number is 3 2 and 7 are neutral number.So this movie is going to be fine for Kapil Sharma .



Ishita Dutta whose date of birth is 26.8.1990 that adds to 35 Destiny number is 8 and the movie's name number is  3. 3 and 8 are neutral number. So this movie is going to be okay for Ishita Dutta. 


Conclusion-So it can be stated that this movie Firangi will be a Semi-hit at box office .