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PREMKUMAR MG 08th Jul 2017

Subha Horai (auspicious timings) for a day differs from place to place.
It can be used for doing good things to self and to others. It is common to all irrespective of their race, religion and color as our supreme guru "Surya Bhagavan" who is common to all the human beings in the world.
For selection of auspicious timings for important events like marriage, purchase of new vehicle or land and for investment purposes etc., it is important that you consult your family astrologer – as it varies for individuals based on their individual Birth star, Birth horoscope and Geo factors like latitude and longitude for the particular place.
For example
Subha Horai for a day is different for a particular day and varies from place to place. Subha Horai for Chennai will not suit for a person in Singapore or to a person in New York.
The data will be available with your family astrologers and an individual can contact for the auspicious time. However, you can always depend on the Subha Horai’s to start a new thing on a given day or to do something good or auspicious.
There are 7 Grahas (Suriyan, Chandran, Kuja (Sevvai), Budhan, Guru, Sukra, and Sani. There are 7 Horais are named after these Grahas. Each Horai will last for one hour. These 7 Horais will occur daily on a cyclic basis, one Horai for one hour.
The order in which the Horais occur is à Suriyan, Sukra, Budh, Chandran, Sani, Guru, Kuja.
On a Sunday, for example, Suriya Horai will occur first at the sunrise. It will last for one hour. Then Sukra Horai will follow for one hour. And so on.
On a Monday, the first Horai at sunrise will be Chandra Horai (the weekday’s graham); Sani Horai, then Guru, Kuja— as per the order above, will follow it.
That is, the first Horai of the day will be the weekday’s own graham and then the order follows. On a Wednesday, the Horais will be Budh , Chandran, Sani , Guru , Kuja , Suriya, Sukran. After 7 hours this order will repeat.
Of the 7 Grahas - Chandran, Budh, Guru, Sukra are considered to be good Grahas (benevolent and auspicious); their Horais are considered good and auspicious.
Surya, Sevvai (Kuja), Sani are considered bad and inauspicious Grahas (malefic) – their Horais also are bad. Avoid these periods for any auspicious events.
We can follow the auspicious timings and can succeed in our life.