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Dr Jai bharti Astrology 27th Jun 2020

We see many people saying that we don’t usually get angry but it’s the situation and reason that force us to behave like that.. But I disagree with it. Anger isn’t Situational, it’s moreover a Habit and Behaviour. Because if it’s situational then why all other people don’t react like that on same situation!!? Some people don’t even feel bothered with the situation and on the same part some people behave madly..! If you don’t know how and where to use your energy, you’ll destroy relationships and life! As an astrologer i can understand that planets do play a vital role for this but there are possibilities to change yourself. Here are some of the yogas in your kundali that gives you high temperament: All cruel planets and fiery signs are responsible for this. * Afflicted mars or sun in lagna. * Lagna lord with malefic planets. * This yoga makes a person violent: moon and mars forming any kind of relation with 2nd, 3rd, 8th house and rahu. * Moon controls heart and mind in a body. A person may become irritable if the Moon is afflicted. Such a person reacts aggressively even towards small issues. A person also becomes short-tempered if Moon is placed in a fiery sign. * The 5th house in a Kundali is associated with intelligence. A person becomes confused due to the presence of malefic planets in the 5th house. If Mercury is afflicted or if it has an aspect of malefic planets, it is usually difficult to understand the reasons behind a person’s anger. Such a person gets angry very easily. * Association of Saturn and mars. REMEDIES: * Excessive anger leads to stress and lot of other troubles. Even people in a family avoid such a person. The Mantra for the planet which causes aggression should be chanted to control anger. This mantra should be chanted 108 times everyday. * A person should also wear a gemstone associated with the ascendant or the lord of the ascendant. You should also chant ‘Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya’ everyday. * Reciting Hanuman Chalisa and shiv mantra everyday also keeps you calm. * Do Kundalini Yoga Kriya: To Relieve Inner Anger. * Seek help from your elder ones and loved ones. ✍🏻: Dr. Jai Bharti

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