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Astrology: An Insight on Drekkana & Profession


06th Jul 2017

Drekkana is an important Varga Chart (Divisional Chart), which can be read as an independent chart to have a fuller insight about the profession of a nativity on the basis of his deeds in the previous life (Karmaphal). Here onwards, I would denote Varanasi Drekkana in abbreviated form as VDK (‘V’ stands for Varanasi and ‘DK’ stands for Drekkana). Casting of VDK is done in the same manner of that of a normal Drekkana Chart by dividing a house of 30° into the three equal parts of 10 degree each.

(i) 10 Lord in different Drekkana & profession

10L governed by Ayudh Drekkana can give aggressiveness in the nature of a person pertaining to his occupation.

10L related to Khag Drekkana can make a person moving aimlessly.

10L connected with Sarpa Drekkana can promote one as a good researcher or drive him to secret services. But, if such 10L is afflicted it is also indication of one’s confinement in the shape of imprisonment or hospitalization.

10L in Chatushpad Drekkana makes a person to work hard or turns him workaholic.

(ii) Planets, houses and professions

Prosperity in profession is indicated if 10L is related to 2H/L & 6H/L in the VDK.

If 10L is related to 5th & 9th lords in VDK shows flow of rewards of previous birth.

Lagna of VDK throws indications about the character, nature, behaviour and occupation of a person. Nature of the house as per the above classifications and the planetary influences thereon through aspect, placement, conjunction and lordship decides the nature of occupation.

The position of Moon in the VDK as natural significator of mind has special importance as it indicates the mental inclination of a person and, as such, nature of specific work/duties can be seen from the planets influencing the 10H/L from Moon in the VDK. Often results are more clearly visible by taking Moon as the pivot.

Planets behave on the basis of the Tatwa of signs occupied by them in VDK i.e. fiery, earthy, airy & watery.

Nature of occupation is indicated by planetary influence on 10th and 6th houses from Lagna and Moon in the VDK chart. Repetition of promises from the above two pivots (Lagna & Moon) act as a corroboration of the planetary promises about the nature and kind of occupation.

The 7H/L & 11H/L from Lagna and Moon in VDK need also be examined for position, professional elevation/rise and due recognition of the work by the superiors verbally and through rewards/awards, etc.

Job changes are better visible from the position of Moon in the VDK chart.

Venus in Gemini in the VDK chart is an indication of Government service subject to not denial of such promise in the Natal and Dashamsha charts.

Mercury may give diplomatic job of that of an Ambassador, High Commissioner, emissary etc. if there is connection of 4H/9H/12H with 10H in the VDK.

The influence of an unafflicted Jupiter or unafflicted 9L on 10H/L of VDK in the approved Hindu astrological manners instill purity in the mind of the person in discharge of his duties.

Jupiter conjoining with Moon in VDK could make a person doctor. Similarly, Jupiter conjoining Mars could make a person Surgeon/Dentist or a relegated job of a butcher subject to the overall strength and disposition of the planets concerned in the VDK. The Moon should also be, simultaneously, afflicted to enable a person to pursue the medical profession of that of a doctor or surgeon, as they have to witness patients suffering from the pain of ailments as part of their duty.

The position of Amatyakaraka planet should also be examined in the VDK.

Lagna and 10th house rising in VDK with reference to the Natal houses in the Ascendant Chart should also be minutely studied and analysed for finer result.

VDK throws clear light in the service matter as profession.

The transit of slow moving planets especially that of Jupiter & Saturn should also be seen in the VDK for reading the subtle result.

Still there are many more can be seen, studied and analysed in the VDK Chart for a fuller view of the professional matters.