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Vaswati Baksiddha 29th May 2018

Palm reading is one of the art of prediction of human’s future. Mainly health status of the person can be distinctly judge by reading the colors of palm. Colors of palm signify certain diseases. .Although the colors of palm may vary from one country to another. Yet generally the color of normal palm is a light red or pinkish red with a shiny, smooth texture. If the color appears either darker or lighter than normal, this may indicates that the condition of health is abnormal.


Here are some signs of diseases, which are due to the abnormal palm colors


  Pale White


 A palm appearing pale white in colour ,indicates anaemia or possibly occult bleeding & when the palm looks white, this usually indicates lung disease or inflammation in the body .




 A Blue palm usually indicates intestinal obstruction.




 A Palm with a dark green colour, usually indicates obstruction in the circulation of the blood & a light greenish palm indicates anemia or Spleen or stomach oriented disease.





 A sallow yellow palm usually indicate chronic disease. A palm with a bright, golden yellow colour is

 often seen in the liver disease accompanied by jaundice. In this case, there is liver/gallbladder damp heat.  If the palm skin grows thicker, stiffer and is dry with a light yellow, shiny, smooth surface this is the indication of palm calcar keratosis. A palm that looks yellowish brown and has no sheen indicates the possibility of cancer.




 A palm with Red, net like capillaries often appears with Vitamin C deficiency. When the whole palm is covered with dark red or purple spots, this is for liver problem.  The palm that first appears red and gradually changes to dark purple is usually a sign of heart disease. 





Purple colored palm is the indication of infectious disease.




 Thin Cigarette-ash like spots on the palm are sign of heart disease in a heavy smoker.




A palm that looks black is often seen in kidney disease. If the central part of the palm looks brownish–black, this often indicates gastro-intestinal disease.