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Venus transit in gemini

Shailendra Choudhary 20th May 2018

Hello Everyone!!!

Today I m going to talk about venus and sign of gemini.And when these two energies combines how the results going to be.


The planet of love ,romance,maintaining peace , equality and justice in society never involve in fights and conpiracy.Venus is love giving planet and controls semen in our body.Venus is all about material  and phyical pleasure. Venus is the representations of guru of Rakshas sukracharya. Shukracharya himself never involved in fights but he guided the Rakshash to win the fight against Devatas.Venus is also considered as a avaar of Parushram(Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra)

In current world venus is considered to maintain peace and love in society.Also it rule the two sign; one is the sign of libra which is its moolatrikona sign which represnt justice and equality in society(no one is superior and no one is inferior;everone is equal) and other sign is the sign of taurus which is known for material pleasure and physical pleasure. Both the signs are peace loving and fouced on justice and maintaining the wealth.Venus gets it exaltation in the sign of pisces, which again the sign of liberation and peacefullness having lots of wisdom.

Sign Gemini

Gemini is the sign of communication and intellectual ability.Gemini is quick minded and very curious sign. They want to know things and they go into the detail of things to satisfy their curiousity.They are very calculative ant they want the mathematical calculation and proof of everything which makes them less faithfull and doubt the things. They lack faith and wisdom but they are highly intteligent and learns thing very quickly which makes them a intelligent person

venus and gemini are not compatiblle because venus is about selfless love,pure faith and wisdom to some extent.Venus maintains the equality and have the wisdom.

venus in gemini can show a person having multiple partners or having relation with multiple female for male charts.Venus is gemini is always curious about love and they satisfies curiousty by involving with different partners to uderstand the love.This case is applicable in female  chart also.Venus is gemini becomes more of a childish nature where for searching  love it travels a lot.For people having venusn in gemini love become the communication and interaction doubts often comes in relatonships.

Venus in gemini love to interact with opposite sex. They can not stick in one relationship and with that they have to face problem.

Transit of venus in gemini will create lot of communication with female figure and the communication will be pleasing. Different ascendant will face diffferent result of transit of venus in gemini.