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Chandrayan2 Muhurta analysis


Acharya Rajesh Kaul 07th Sep 2019

The prestigious project of Launching Chandrayan2 was initiated on 11th July in Moon Hora.. In such major events time is always a constraint as there are lot of technical and geographical requirements to be met during the launch so taking out exact Muhurta is itself a great challenge but still whosoever tool the Muhurta did an excellent job except one small shortcomings which has led to delay in the completion of the landing. It is always seen that whenever rising sign nakshatra is retrograde and forms 6/8 relationship with the Lagna lord, normally work gets delayed or does not fructify. On 11th July 2019 Scorpio was rising in Anuradha nakshatra and mars was transiting in cancer thus forming 6/8 relationship. Further in vedanga jyotish there is a very important perdective tool called Sarvotobhadra chakra.Analysing that with this launch, moon was getting latta(kick) from 2 planets further negating the final event to happen.
But one thing is for sure that Indian sceintists have done a commendable job of successfully launching Chandrayan2 mission to moon and we all pray to the almighty for its successful completion.

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