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Vaswati Baksiddha 29th Jun 2019

                                                                          AUSPICIOUS TIME FOR DIKSHA


                                                            Divyan Gyana Yoto Dadyat Kuryat Papo Khayastato.

                                                            Tasmandi Khyeti Sa Prokta Sarbotantrasso Sammata.

                                                                                      ( Viswasar Tantra )


According to Vishnu Yamal, the process that bestows Divyam Gyannam & destroys sin, the seed of sin and ignorance is called Diksha. Diksha or initiation is the first step to enter the spiritual world. 

Now let’s see which is the exact auspicious moment for Diksha.

We know, twelve zodiac signs are divided into three divisions according to their flexibility. They are cardinal, fixed & dual. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. Fixed signs are favorable for initiation lagna. Because I think fixed or static signs are focused & determined and have stamina for persistence action. And for this characteristic of nature fixed signs are recommended in sastra as auspicious lagna for initiation. Along with fixed lagna if beneficiary planets are resided in Kendra & Jupiter resides in ninth house that will be more auspicious. 

Next I will go to Nakshatra. Two classes of nakshatra are favouable for Diksha by their nature. One type is Druba nakshatra & another is Mridu Nakshatra. Dhruba Nakshatras are Rohini , Uttar Falguni, Uttar Asshada & Uttar Vadropada. These nakshatras are favorable bcs they offer fixity. 

Mridu nakshatras Mrigashira ,  Chitra , Anuradha & Revti are also favourable for this auspicious ceremony. Muhurta Chintamoni suggested that the qualities of the nakshatras are even more accentuated when they coincide with the certain days. For instance Surya is the most steady plaet, hence it is maped to Dhruba nakshatra. Planet Venus is considered as female planet hence it is maped to Mridu nakshatra.That’s why Sunday & Friday are favorable for Diksha. But the most favorable day is Saturday. Bcs planet Saturn is steady, slow, fixed and most spiritual planet by nature. 

Next is solar months. Vaisakha, Shravana ,Asvina, Kartik , Margasirsa ,Magha & Phalguna are auspicious for this spiritual ceremony. 

But the moment/ Muhurat for Diksha will be the most accentuated when the birth month , tithi and nakshaqtra coincides with each other.

Guru Purnima is also an auspicious day to start spiritual journey. 

This year The festival of Guru Purnima  will be celebrated on 16th of July 2019, Tuesday.
Best wishes for those who are gonna be inniciated on this auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima.

stay blessed.

Regards Vaswati Baksiddha