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Transit of Mars in capricorn


Shailendra Choudhary 19th May 2018

Mars  has changed its sign from sagitarius to capricorn. Mars normally stays in one sign from 48 to 55 days. But this time from 3rd may 2018 to 6th november 2018 mars is going to be in sagitarius for almost 6 months.This is a rare transit of mars. Already saturn was in the sign of mars(scorpio) for more than 2 and half years now mars is going to stay in sign of saturn for 6 moths.

Mars in capricorn is a time for action and hard work.Mars is joining ketu in capricorn which signifies all the undone work of past are going to be resolved in this period. All the thiings which were hard too accomplish in past are going to be accomplished in this period. Government will also be working hard in this period.

For all the Ascendants things are going to different.

Aries ascendant work place and connection with government is going to happen.Aries  ascendant people are going to have good success in their carreer and will reputation and fame because of their work. Chances of getting recognise from government.

Taurus Ascendant people thier guru and teacher are going to be very strict,discipline and expecting the same from you.Your father will prosperous and chances of visiting temples in distance places and some long distance journey may happen.Taurus ascendant people can also meet astrologers in different locations.

Gemini Ascendant people will accomplish their fears and pay their loan and debt. Chances of getting good money and support from in laws.

Cancer Ascendant people may start their business and thier are chances of getting rise in the business.Cancer people will be having good support from thier business partners and from thier spouse and people of opposite sex.

Leo ascendant people will be able to conquer their enemies and will get good support from siblings of mother.

Virgo ascendant people will be leaning new things and their will be lots of fun and parties will be their.

Libra ascendant people will change the place of residence and their spouse will be working doing good in thier life. good progress in career for libra ascendant people.

Scorpio Ascendant people will be travelling  a lot and time for showing their courage.

Sagitarius ascendant people will saving money and spending time with their family.Just watch your language till 6th november!!

Capricorn ascendant people will improve their health and focusing on developing their own personality.

Aqurius ascendant people will spending money in good causes. Their are chances of facing humiliation and financial losses.

Pisces ascendant people will be earning good money and making good social network.