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Extremely Powerful Meditation Mantra


PREMKUMAR MG 21st Aug 2017

If you Don't have any idea of how to remove Pitru dosh, Well We have an Idea !!!

Extremely Powerful Mantra To Remove Pitru Dosh | Sri Garuda Gayatri Mantra | Spiritual Vibration

Mantra to Chant - “ Om Thath-Purushaaya Vidmahe
Swarna Booshaaya Dhimahi
Thanno Garuda Prachodhayath"

Chanting this Garuda Gayatri mantra will remove Pitra dosh and Pitru dosh. Chanting this mantra regularly for 108 times gives more effective results.

Benefits of chanting this mantra 108 times: 
1. The best time to chant Gayatri mantra is around 6 AM, 12 PM & 6 PM. 
2. The person gets closer and closer to Divinity. 
3. It protects you from calamities and confers upon your intelligence 
4. Gayatri Mantra removes all fears. 
5. Gayatri Mantra destroys karma and blesses you with liberation.

Note: Before chanting any mantra, Kindly chant Gayatri Mantra. We need to chant Gayatri mantra to clean our soul before chanting any mantra.