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Rajendra Prasad NP Chaitanya 20th Apr 2018

Wealth is a key parameter in human life.

It helps the individual to feel comfortable when he used his wealth and did some significant work for himself/herself or  to family members or needy individual. 

In astrology, 2nd house in horoscope gives  the hits about ones wealth.

11th house signifies the income, profits and gains etc.

2nd house is 4th  from 11th house and 11th house is 10th from 2ndhouse.

Jupiter is Karaka for the both housees.

Moon and Venus are karaka’s for 4th house. Both planets are female planets and strong in night. Consider as Watery planets.

Moon is a natural zodiac 4th lord.

Most of the planets are considered for Karaka’s for 10th house. i.e Karma Stana

Any individual have a good wealth indicated by  2nd,11th ,4th and 10th lords.

Jupiter and Moon are also plays an significant role.


2nd lord, 11th lord, 4th lord, 10th lord, Jupiter and Moon are posited strongly indicate the individual will accumulated wealth, valuable items, jewellery and possessions of property etc.

These combinations can be seen in rich people horoscopes.