Dr Maharshika Nethravalee 13th Nov 2017

Meditation/ Dhyanam


Dh+ya+na+m = In Dh means inside/entry, Receive, Ya means outside/exit. Na means our Soul, Maan. M means our Mind.

Dhyana means Yana, Payana, Journey, forward, Move him/herself. Give perfect root what our soul n minds wants.

Give something ourself inside what that wants n clean it. Washout what we don’t want & through outside our 6 Enemies like Ego, Angry, Jealous, etc., In other words we are telling “Ari Shad Wargas.” (Kaamya, Krodha, Moha, Loba, Madh, Matsharya). Ari means inside Enemies, Shad means 6, Wargas means Categorise.  Just think if we carry these all inside our self that 6 Rakshasas attacks our mind, Body n Soul. 

Jealous, Kaamya, Moha, disturbs our Body, Angry, Lobha disturbs our mind, Ego hurts n disturbs soul.

So If we are doing Meditation daily 21 minutes then we clean our mind then automatically our body gives freshness feelings n our soul also satisfied with good Karmas. Meditations want to all age groups like Childs wants for their education purpose because they want concentration for their mind. N it is useful to build memory. Youngsters want meditation for their disturbed n confusion mind to cool their self n think positive. Family person wants to clear family problems easily solve that at any situation n take good decisions n discipline in family life. 

We are clean our teeth, hair, body everyday life n our house, pooja room, pooja idles etc., it is an outside cleaning. If we are not doing these all dust n bad smell covers our surroundings. Like that in our inside the body we want to clean daily our mind. Don’t tell others to change yourself, don’t blame others mistakes before that change our self. Through bad things outside then our 7 chakras also cleaned well n working in good condition, thinking on positive way then healthy body also created n worked good n positively. 

Someone told we can’t meditate because our mind disturbs, body also not lesson our commands n thought comes when we sit to meditation. Just think if we see continually one video song, act after 4 days it memorises automatically. Mantra also just we chant 10 times then automatically inside our mind chanting without our sense like that meditation also. 

In daily our life we are doing lot of meditation like watching TV serials it is bad meditation. It is harmful n dangerous to our body n mind. Another one good example is cooking like if we plan to prepare sweet Payasam, RasMalai we are concentrate about ingredients what we want. Then we use particular ingredients n prepared with full involvement. If out mind is disturbed mistakenly that sweet food taste convert as a salty, Khadvi etc., then that Payasam is go to the dustbin. Just think when you are preparing your likely food or any sweet you are concentrate you self for preparing that. It is an also Meditation to prepare good n tasty food. 

Meditation is given concentration & memorised peaceful mind, Motivates to do good work, healthy body, purifies our soul. Regulate Panchendriyas. Removes Arishadvargas & bad qualities. 

Daily meditate 21 minutes the reason is we have 7 main chakras activate our mind n body. Purify it. For one chakra we want to meditate 3 minutes. 7*3=21. 

Why we want 3 minutes?

The reason is we are built with in these three parts. Mind, Body n Soul If we clean only one it is not useful n we want to clean totally so we want to sit meditation 21 minutes. 

In spiritualy n astrologycaly we are considering Thrimoorhties, Thridevies, Trigunas, Triangles, Tridosha, Trilokas, Tripadies etc.,

In Meditation we have lot of techniques :

Geetha Dhyana, Nruthya Dhyan, Mind n Body Shanth Dhyana, Shayan Dhyan, SamaDhi Dhyan, Pranayam, Brathing Dhyan, Lighting Dhyana etc., etc.,,….

 “Dhyana Karana  Kamya Maya ko Bhool Jana.

“Dhyana Karana  Krodh Maya ko Bhool Jana.

“Dhyana Karana  Moha Maya ko Bhool Jana.

“Dhyana Karana  Lobh Maya ko Bhool Jana.

“Dhyana Karana  Madha Maya ko Bhool Jana.

“Dhyana Karana  Mathsarya Maya ko Bhool Jana.

Apane man ko shant Rakhana

Sochana sabke bare me Acche Sachhe vichar

Pyar Karana sabko. apana samjke maf karana

Bholna Nahi ye hamare hi sabhi Karmonka Fhal hai

Ab tho Agge ache vichar karana 

apne athma – Maan – Sharir – Shaarir ko Shudha Rakhna.


Maharshika Adhithi Shimhi

Destinytune Valee

Shimoga, Karnataka, India


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